Music Box Boy

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Wednesday, August 17, 2011 4 comments

The Music Box Boy is a small FM receiver that clips onto the side of your Gameboy Color or Gameboy Pocket.  This accessory allows the Gameboy Color Gamer to enjoy FM radio while playing Gameboy and Gameboy Color software.  The Music Box Boy draws it's power directly from the Gameboy Color's link cable port.  The unit is made out of clear plastic, has a 3.5mm headphone jack and two buttons that allow you to auto scan for channel selection.  The unit comes packed with stereo headphones.

I've spent some time playing Wario Blast with the Music Box Boy and noticed the sound quality wasn't that great.  So I swapped out the headphones with my regular pair of headphones and the problem vanished.  So the included ear bud style headphones are pretty bad.  I've used them with my iPod and a few other media players and the sound is consistently bad. 

The FM receiver itself works pretty well and picks up the local radio stations clearly.  The biggest problem I have with the unit is the digital tuner.  There's no display telling you what channel you're on and the only way to select stations is to hit a button that auto scans to the next station.  When you power off the Gameboy the unit will forget what station it was on so you'll have to scan your way back.  The reset button takes you back to the beginning of the dial so if you've scanned past the channel you were aiming for you can give it another shot.  There's a switch for the volume giving you three settings for the volume.

Overall this is an interesting idea.  Twelve to thirteen years ago when this was a marketable product it was a pretty good idea.  Portable media players were pretty much limited to tape and CD players which would eat through double A batteries and would be a lot harder to carry around along with your Gameboy Color.  So having a tiny music add on might have been appealing to many a gamer stuck in the back of a car.  However the included ear buds are complete junk so you'll have to use another pair of headphones.  I bought this on ebay for a whopping dollar and do not feel ripped off at all and feel that it does add a nice feature to your Gameboy Color.


Balzak802 said...

That seems to be an interesting device but let's face it, this product would have been useful back then in the 90's but in 2011 that is perfectly worthless now since almost every MP3 player has a built in radio now. Still though, interesting post.

Retrokaiser said...

ooooooo I bought 5 of those from a Kmart back in 2004 for 10c a peace. Cut off the plastic bits that hold it to the GBC, to get it to work on a GBA.

DeathAdder83 said...

I'm going to use one of these the next time I'm at the gym doing squat-thrusts.

presicion25 said...

I had one and it never worked lol

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