Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 37

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Friday, August 19, 2011 4 comments


Darth Tallis said...

I don't know why, but the player you've got embedded here doesn't show up on Mozilla, but shows up on Internet Explorer.

Anyway, another good show. Wish I was home in time to listen to the whole thing live. At least I made it for the jail story.

Balzak802 said...

Hello Jerry, how’s the live show going? Nah, it's probably going well. Anyways, my question to you is what are some Sega Genesis/CD games you would recommend that are not Land Stalker, Lunar, Snatcher, Eternal Champions, or part of the Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection? Have to know since I am going to stick with my Model 2 Sega Genesis/CD for a while. Well that's all and am sad that I cannot make it to the live shows anymore but your live podcasts were the highlights of my summer and am glad that I got to enjoy all the stories you told during those live podcast and I don’t think G and DB Radio, Tiger Claw Radio, or Classic L337 could have handled live podcasting as well as you have so my hats are off to you Jerry. Well, I guess that is it so thanks for all the live shows and fun times. Bye.

Vlad Whyte said...

Jerid, this is the only thing you should not trust Shintai about! You love training and catching pokemon such a gameplay mechanic is available in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, you can catch monsters, train them, they even evolve. Plus the game expands on the symphonia story which is always a plus. But finsh symphonia 1 first, otherwise you won't care about the characters as much. On the website abyssal chronies there's a walkthrough to get you from where you are also in the options menu in symphonia look at the synopsis to find out what you were doing the last time you played.

So you excited about some Q&A???
1. Ever played F-Zero?
2. What do you think about the MegaMan storyline? It really intrigues me how the early games had almost no story whatsoever in the games but when you look at the manual and later in the X and Zero series the store expands and the characters have some great backstory actually.
3. The hosts on the show know that I am now in China so I was wondering have you ever moved houses? Please tell us your stories.
4. Have you ever been so bored that you've started writing video game plots and stories? I have and I've come up with some pretty weird shit.
5. How would you react if a naked woman knocked on your door and both of you were drunk.
6. What is your favourite food? Can you cook it? Did your gramma used to make it?
7. Is Kaiser drunk on this episode? If he's not here tell him he should always appear drunk on the MCC!
8. When is the next mondo drunk cast?
Those are my random questions, VK.

Anonymous said...

That NES storage auction is a shocker. What is wrong with that man! This is one of the first nintendo DS's? haha.

Keep doing what your doing haven't missed an episode of Mondo since no.1 - it's regular automobile listening.

Question for the show - Mass Effect 2 - Tali vas Normandy do you want a big reveal of whats under the suit in ME3 or do you like the mystery? For me the most interesting relationship option in ME.

Question Mass Effect 2 - ***SPOILERS*** - How many of your crew survived the death mission at the end? All my main cast lived but the crew was wiped as I didn't realise I was working to a hidden timer!


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