Blu-Ray Review: Psycho-Pass Collection One (2012)

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"Psycho-Pass Collection One" contains the first half of this animated science fiction crime show set in the year 2113.  This show is about a female detective named Akane Tsunemori whom just got assigned to lead a team of criminals turned detectives. The way crime is treated in this future is quite different to how crime is treated nowadays as crime isn't treated with a fair trial but rather they scan you for something called "Psycho-Pass". Psycho-Pass works just like a scouter from the show "Dragon Ball Z (1989 - 1996)" to where it scans your stress, your judgement is decided depending on your level of stress and the judgement isn't very good as it ranges from "treatment" to "execution on the spot". In this half of the show we have our detectives investigate: Murders of popular Internet personalities, a serial killer that makes art-works out of their victim's body parts, and a murderer controlling drones to kill off his work partners. Sure this sounds like an episodic show but what if I say that all of these crimes are connected to something even darker? Yes, now the plot has gotten interesting. (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

People who like fast-paced action shows will be turned off instantly as this isn't that kind of sci-fi crime show. This show is a drama filled sci-fi crime show with a lot of conversation, investigation before they gun down the criminal in a very violent and gory matter. On paper this sounds like a boring show but you'd be wrong there as the drama was very interesting and hooked me into the show.  

This show starts off feeling like your standard crime show like "Criminal Minds (2005 - Ongoing) but past mid-way the tone of the show changes dramatically to a much darker vibe like the film "Seven (1995)" although not as brutal but still pretty darn dark to where it disturbs you. The other thing I found disturbing was the mixture of iron fist law and technology as it adds an philosophical element giving the impression that the characters are slaves to government, technology, and to ourselves and I liked how it was handled as it wasn't pretentious at all.

While there aren't many action scenes what we do get are some really gruesome gunshots with a load of blood and gore from both the cops and the crooks. I liked how we didn't get any action until they actually get to the criminals as it makes the action feel stronger and you'll appreciate it in the long run. The characters in this show were very enjoyable as they were smart and interesting but also very down to Earth plus they are also very bad-ass during the action scenes.

Art-work in this show has a very dark Utopian futuristic look that's similar to the movie "Blade Runner (1982)". I really dig this look as not only did it give the show a great atmosphere but it also looked great with strong colors and great uses of shades. The backgrounds are very detailed and really captures the city look perfectly from the cracks in the wall to the neon signs. I liked the character designs in this show as they were done well and I love their classic trench-coat and cigarette look which is my favorite design for a detective. I do have to take away some points as some characters were a bit unoriginal in terms of design. Animation in this show is pretty good and they especially put in some good detailing in the action scenes and the scenes that use blood and gore.

The English dub was really good in this show as all of the voices suit the characters well. The acting is also very solid and sounds like they put in good time and effort into the English dub. The soundtrack has some nice tunes but I really appreciate the way this show uses ambient tracks and even silence during some scenes as it helped add some intensity and suspense.

There is a small selection of special features on this collection that run at a decent length. There are commentary tracks on the "fifth" and "eleventh" episodes from the cast and crew. The commentary tracks were decent with all questions about what it was like dubbing the show answered. Was very nice to hear very serious commentary tracks from Funimation as there was no goofing around what so ever. You also get text-less opening and closing credit sequences. I liked the text-less credits as they have a very interesting sound and even more interesting visuals that go along with it.

Lastly you get a feature titled "Psycho-Pass at Sakura Con Part One" which is a collection of clips involving the creators of the show at the American anime convention, "Sakura Con 2013". The clips are mainly of interviews about what it was like coming up with the idea for the show and what it was like working on the show. Other clips include panel footage and comments from the fans from the Funimation booth. This was a pretty interesting special feature and I am looking forward to part two of this feature.

Overall this was a very strong sci-fi crime drama show that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to end and I am really looking forward to seeing what the second half of this show has to offer as it's building up to be something great. I highly recommend checking out this show to those who really enjoy sci-fi and drama. Great show.

Title: Psycho-Pass Collection One
Animation/Production Studio: Production I.G.
Genre: Animation/Anime, Crime, Drama, Sci-Fi
Running Time: 275 minutes (11 Episodes)
Distributor: Madman Entertainment
Rating: MA15+ (Strong animated violence)
Price: $59.95
Recommended: Yes


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