The Dungeon of the Mad Dwarf (Session 2)

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Jake Hammerfall joins Scipio, Hawk and Sevaril into Ixmils Dungeon in order to exact revenge for his fallen brother Pete "Peep" Hammerfall, who was slain by Megaraptors.

Joining us for this adventure is:

-Glittery Pixie Cat as Kisara "Hawk" Lahnt a human rouge with a dark past
-Alex Swingle as Jake Hammerfall a powerfull warrior seeking revenge for his fallen brother Pete "Peep" Hammerfall!
-Kade as Scipio of White Harbor a devoted cleric of St. Cuthbert god of rertibution.
-Andre Martinez as Sevaril Stalkingwolf a dashing rouge who is out to gain his own fortune, no matter what the cost.


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