Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 106

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Thursday, August 14, 2014 1 comments

Join me and Shintai as we talk about many video game related topics.  Also Darabka stops in for a special visit.
SNK sues Square Enix - From Freddy
cyber portal

Twitch now detects music and mutes that shit.  Mutes their own programs.

Link dump also posted in previous MCC comments section in case listeners want to follow along during the live show.

Gamasutra article on Youtube Let's Plays
tldr: It's not really that impressive. The author breaks down users by audience / subscribers and goes into the money generated by those users or groups and the deals behind them. It is more like a LONG easy-read of a wiki article.

Interesting quote: "Game developers aren't just thinking about whether their game is good to play, but also whether it is good for others to watch."

Gamestop to start offering credit card with 27% APR
tldr: Keep players even more in debt to Gamestop with every purchase

Gamestop treating customers like criminals
tldr: Philly-based Gamestops now require fingerprints to trade in games

Gamestop does away old trade-in system
tldr: GS admits their own system confuses them (and store employees) and realizes a simpler system might encourage more trade-ins. They now offer around 20% more on trade-ins.
Related: 40% of Gamestop customers don't even know there is a trade-in system (great for people who buy most of their games at g-sales)

Britain decriminalized online piracy
tldr: Nothing bad happens if you download anything


Japan wants online anime sharing sites dead!
tldr: Japan taking steps to shut-down OVERSEAS sites and sharing communities that cause $20 billion in losses

Fun / Odd / Interesting
Awesome Japanese Convention for custom anime and videogame figure kits
Link directly to Panzer Dragoon figure:

Duke comes out of retirement
tldr: Donated assets and code for unreleased Duke Nukem game uncovered at Library of Congress
comments: When this game was announced, I remember I couldn't stop laughing when bookmarking the OFFICIAL trailer:

It's Summer, well, in the northern hemisphere anyways. Videogames are easier to collect...than super soakers.

Sonic eats poop

Goku goes super saiyan level 15.

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theGamingBeast said...

Hey Jerry T! I had a blast being on the show again after so long. Videogame news has just become depressing in recent, years so I dont pay too close attention. I rather check out Steam if I am curious about new games. What older games have you been jammin? I have been trying to beat Super Castlevania IV for the snes. The game is great, but it can get quite challenging. That Spürglord that did the Cybermasterbator 3000 was hilarious! We need more dreamers like him ;). But we dont need to give them free consoles, lol. I jest off course, but it was still funny. I rarely watch Letsplays myself, but I do find one that I find entertaining. I can understand that some are upset, that it spoils the game for some. I can see that with story based games, but for most games it can be like an advertisement. Also many people nowdays get easily butthurt, or pretend to be so to stir controversy. I think making a game that will look good as a LP is kinda dumb, but it was kinda predictable that this would happen. Goat simulator is one of those for sure. As long as the game is still fun I dont mind. Worst case I wont play the game. Everyone should pick and choose in the end. I know you did one coop LP with your girlfriend of "Zombies ate my Neighbours" (thats a fun coop game), and you did that JRPG on your streaming channel, but what other game would you consider LPing?

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