Hanabee Entertainment Licenses Dream Eater Merry!

Posted by Retrokaiser On Saturday, July 14, 2012 2 comments

Hanabee have announced another anime they have licensed, this time it is Dream Eater Merry!

Hanabee made the announcement during  SMASH! Con earlier today. (Which was located in Sydney.)

"Dream, a dream, you want to escape from...

When your own dreams are no longer a safe haven for your mind and they're no longer confined within your sleep, trouble can arise. For Yumeji Fujiwara his unique ability to predict and enter other peoples' dreams is causing him some trouble, as he finds himself the focus of an army of cats belonging to an ominous dream demon. But luck is at hand with one, Merry Nightmare, to the rescue!

Merry, a dream demon, has unseeingly crossed over from the dream world to reality with no memory of how and why. Coupled only with the knowledge that she wants to go back, Yumeji offers his aid to help return her home. However things just might not be all that easy when Merry is not the only demon to have crossed over with reality and nor do they have the best of intentions either."

This set will all 13 episodes and it is also slated to be released here in Australia on October 3rd for the price of $49.95AU.



Darth Tallis said...

Previously, in Retrokaiser's Anime News...

"Haahaa! Just posted that as soon as you posted that. :)"

Timing!! :P

Retrokaiser said...

It will drag on for 50 episodes before the planet blows up. Then we fight Androids :(.

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