Tiger Claw Radio #102

Posted by Critical Failure On Sunday, July 22, 2012 3 comments

Vintage Video Game Geek joins me for Episode 102 of Tiger Claw Radio. You can the podcast he is a part of, "Hit Reset Radio" here. Also, you can find his youtube channel here.

Episode downloads after the page break.

Download episode 102 here.


Retrokaiser said...

VVGG likes AGG? Bullshit! (feel free to ignore that :P.)

Really enjoyed this one. VVGG seems like an awesome dude which I can share my nachos with.

He has inspired me to write more about the stuff I love.

Speaking of Twisted Metal, you ever play the TM clone which uses the WWE license? It was called WWE Crush Hour I believe.

Anyway, So long and thanks for all the fish.

British Steel said...

Good show. I could listen to conversation with VGG all day. I agree that some podcasts can get long (Retro Roundup's 6-hour show?!). I was subscribed to five or six of them at once, each of them raging from 60-180 minutes, and I just didn't have the time. Hell, I barely have enough time for TCR, MCC, and OKS. But Vintage is good enough to warrant my time, unlike All-Gen.

DeathAdder83 said...

It's always a pleasure to hear Vintage, I think that him and Mark from Classic Game Room are just about the only 2 guys who can make enjoyable YouTube videos useing only their unique voices and their hands. I have been listening to Hit Reset Radio and like it alot, I feel like it brings out the SASS in Vintage L-O-L.

I'd also like to thank you for reminding me that Kevin Smith has a podcast, I love that long winded basterd and am really going to hate it when he dies soon. In his most recent podcast he mentions The Dark Knight Rises.

So my question to you is, what do you think of the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy?

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