Tiger Claw Radio #101

Posted by Critical Failure On Monday, July 16, 2012 1 comments

Tiger Claw Radio returns to the air after a three week break for family vacation. The Summer Series continues with a new mystery track, sales updates, music from Anamanaguci and a bunch of your comments to answer.

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Download episode 101 here.


British Steel said...

I really dig the mystery track this week. Twisted Metal 2 was one of the first Playstation games I bought with my own money, and played the hell out of it. After I beat the game with all of the regular characters to see their endings, I would put in the Minion code and blow through the story mode. Grasshopper and Hammerhead sucked, Mr. Grimm and Specre were the best. Plus you could blow up the Statue of Liberty in New York. There were also bonus level codes to play at Suicide Swamp from Jet Modo, as well as two levels from the first Twisted Metal.

IMO, this was the last good Twisted Metal game until "Black" on the PS2; TM3 (despite having Rob Zombie on the soundtrack) disappointed me because it focused on improved graphics over gameplay, the weapons (especially special weapons) were weaker, the levels felt smaller, and there was no sense of speed.

The chiptune was excellent, I will look into downloading that.

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