Gaming Beast plays Robocop VS Terminator

Posted by theGamingBeast On Sunday, December 16, 2012 2 comments

The Final Chapter of the Letsplay. Will Skynet win or will Robocop prevail?

Continuing Robos fight against Skynet. Other Parts after the Bump.

Robocop kills more dudes and faces of against Cain from Robocop 2. WHAT?! Wasnt he dead?! I guess not! ;)

Lets play some Robocop VS Terminator!


DeathAdder83 said...

Why the hell isn't this on the PSN, I'd buy the fuck out of it. Classic.

theGamingBeast said...

Id say its one of the best Robocop and Terminator games out there. Its a really good Run & Gun game. I wished tough there was a a two player mode where the other guy could play the "good" Arnie T800. Would be fun. Well you cant have everything right?

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