Beastcast 12 - What the Hell Warner?!

Posted by theGamingBeast On Thursday, June 7, 2012 2 comments

JLA & Wonder Woman movies being planned by DC! Also new Green Arrow series titled "Arrow" looks like crap! Let's hope movies will be better.


SuperDeathAdder83 said...

A Justice League movie is given enough time and money would beyond epic, I'd also be fairly excited for a Wonder Women movie, at least by the time it was 5 bucks on blu-ray. Green, we'll see.

Also, you just know that Green Latern makes giant dildos all day with that ring.

theGamingBeast said...

Guy Garnder would definetly, they should put him in the next GL movie instead of Hal. He should team up with Lobo and mess up some bars in the galaxy. Now thats a movie I would pay to see.
Green Arrow movie isnt nessesary, but they almost approved a script called "Supermax", its where Green Arrow gets framed for a crime he didnt commit then gets thrown into a jail for supervillains. They wanted to have a bunch of cameos like Joker (even tough Batman villains go to Arkham Assylum since most of them dont have Superpowers). Thank god this script didnt get greenlit. So instead they make this shitty series. Its just pissing me off. Also a JLA movie if done could be definetly extrememly epic if done well.

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