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Posted by Shintai On Saturday, June 30, 2012 1 comments

Just another animu game? FUCK NO! This game has an intense and addicting battle system that will last you for countless hours and is one my favorites in the series! Check it out!


Darth Tallis said...

It's a great game and everyone with a PS3 should play it. Great review.

Also, did you try the Zhonecage dungeon? You get to take on a new dungeon once you've beaten "Lineage and Legacies" and load the new save you get after it. You'll get called back to Lhant and get a cut scene with Frederic. From there, you have to gamble items to access different levels of the dungeon. The higher value an item, the higher the levels go, so dualizing high priced weapons and armour is essential. Each level is dedicated to the characters and their weapons and armaments. The thing is, the enemies get stronger if you don't fight them or activate devices to make them weaker. It's worth going through if you want to get a record of every monster, or of items. It also makes it possible to finish all the side quests, which will allow you to fight a hidden boss.

As for sidequests, there is one missable quest that must be done before going down the Ghardia Shaft, which takes place in Lhant. All the others can be done later while running around, dualizing weapons and armour needed to advance in the Zhonecage.

Yeah, it's fair to say I enjoyed this game. :P

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