My Life with SEGA - Soul Star

Posted by A.J. Rosa On Thursday, June 7, 2012 4 comments

Let's get our SEGA CD with some Soul Star; one of the finest games available for this underrated peripheral.


JerryTerrifying said...

I've seen a video or two about this game but never knew about the mech stages. That shit looks intense. I wish I wasn't such a broke bitch or I'd definitely be buying a copy of this game right now.

A.J. Rosa said...

I know what you mean, because a lot of videos I saw didn't show the mech stages. Still, I was impressed by what I saw. Such a fun game. It's a hard game, but such a fuckin' ride. I haven't beaten it yet. Kills me.

DeathAdder83 said...

Games with flying ships frighten me, I feel like I've already lost as soon as I pick up the controller. But the game does look mighty SICK. I guess your friend is doing barrel rolls 6 feet under at the moment lul.

A.J. Rosa said...

I generally suck at space shooters. 2D-based shmups mostly. I'm playing R-Type for the Master System and OHMYFUCKINGGODDOISUCKTREMENDOUSASS!

LOL! Unfortunately, the shit-stain still draws breath. Believe it or not, he's not a gamer. The only game's he's played are Myst and it's sequels. I just recently got him to play Combat for 2600, which he enjoyed. Weird, huh?

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