Tiger Claw Radio #100

Posted by Critical Failure On Sunday, June 24, 2012 5 comments

It's finally here. The summer series rolls on as TCR hits 100 episodes.

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British Steel said...

Congrats on reaching the 100 mark. It takes a lot of dedication and interest to make it that long.

I agree that US SMB2 is better than the Japanese SMB2/Lost Levels. Lost Levels is artificially tough with stupid unfair challenges. Meanwhile, Doki Doki Panic (the same game as US SMB2) was actually directed by Shigeru Myamoto, unlike Lost Levels. It all started with that idiot IrateGamer and his bullshit review that got a whole bunch of Youtube sheep to repeat his garbage (that is, the material he *didn't* rip off of AVGN).

DeathAdder83 said...

So while I’ve pretty much quit All Gen Gamers cold turkey, I did recently listen to an episode talking about Pete Dorr going to Disney World. Well, my main concern about that was Pete’s fetish for grown men dressed up in Sonic furry costumes. And you know that video of the lizard running on top of the water like Jesus? Well I just had this visual of Pete Dorr running around the theme park like a Jesus lizard with his pony tail flapping in the wind chasing around mascots who’s back sides where covered in blood due to rape trauma.

I had guess my question is, do you think Pete Dorr runs like a Jesus Lizard?

Congrats on The 100th Episode!

Retrokaiser said...

Pete Dorr doesn't leave his room to be able to run like Jesus Lizard.

Congrats on 100th! I remember when episode 2 hit the scene.

I might aswell send in a question. Whats the best comic or book based on a video game you have read?


What video game would you like to see a Demake of? I would love to see an Vetrex version of Duck Hunt.

DeathAdder83 said...

Hey CF, send Jerry Jewifying the laptop, he had to buy a 5th copy of Metal Gear Solid for the PS1 and needs your help!

Mondo Drunk Cast 4-eva FTW!

Darth Tallis said...

*Dresses in the cheerleader outfit from Lollipop Chainsaw and starts cheering*

100th episode!! Woo-hoo!! Go, CF, Go!! Go, CF, Go!! Goooooooo, CF~!!

Oh, yeah! I'm willing to contribute to the postage of JT's laptop. Just give me your paypal, 'kay?

*Sucks on a lollipop and revels in the fear that has been induced by this cheer*

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