My Life with SEGA - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Posted by A.J. Rosa On Thursday, June 14, 2012 3 comments

"Alpha, find two crappy SEGA games with attitudes!"


DeathAdder83 said...

Very cool. I used to own this one when I was a kid, I believe it was a random Christmas present that I never asked for. I got mild entertainment out of it for awhile. And while I only ever watched through the first cast and hardly ever think back on that show, it always makes me happy to see those mighty morphin' mother fuckers! BTW they now have a Green Ranger halloween costume, the kind meant for a grown ass man! :D

Also your friend sounds like he still watches Power Rangers?

JerryTerrifying said...

That new Mondo cool cast intro thing was the bees knees. Nice and spooky, just the way I like it.

The black ranger is missing a large portion of one of his fingers. You needed to know that.

A.J. Rosa said...

@Death Adder - Dude, I'm so getting that fucking Green Ranger costume.

LOL! Mickey Mack doesn't follow the Power Rangers anymore. Like me, he kinda' gave up soon after Tommy became the White Ranger. Motherfucker's GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN, BITCHES!

@Jerry - That's the old logo. It's already been replaced with something slicker. However, I may go back to the now "classic" logo.

I had no idea the Black Ranger was missin' some digits. Heh, just like Scotty!

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