Tiger Claw Radio #99

Posted by Critical Failure On Sunday, June 17, 2012 3 comments

Tiger Claw Radio #99 is here! Test your knowledge of video game music! Also featuring "On The Desk" Atari Edition. Episode player and download link after the jump.

Download episode 99 here.


Retrokaiser said...

So you are doing stuff on RWTV again? I'm sorry but I'm still finding it hard to forgive those guys for what they did to you & seb. I also would do a riff with ya on Indee Gayme da Moovie Yahurr BUT we still need to do one on The Room goshdarnit.

British Steel said...

I would love to hear a riff track. Anything along the lines of MST3K is entertaining, and would be interested to see a Tiger Claw spin on it.

I share your enthusiasm for Atari games and collecting them. Berzek on the 2600 is the only version I have ever played; I didn't even know there were voice synthesizers for it. But I just cannot get into the 2600 version of Pac Man and believe me - I tired.

I got two copies of it when I bought an Atari lot and I would say it's the "Tekken 3" of Atari games: want a copy of Berzerk? Ok, here's a copy of Pac Man to go with it. Pitfall? Cool, here's Pac Man, too. Bought a copy of Custer's Revenge? Here is your cone-shaped dunce cap and a glass of chocolate milk. Enjoy.

JerryTerrifying said...

I hope you keep the TCR coming out every week. Everyone in the chat room, especially the folks that get there late, have been enjoying it. And it also gives me a chance to sit down and listen to it with the Mondo Coolmunity.

And you're more than welcome to be on Team Mondo Cool in a larger capacity if you want man.

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