Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 84

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Saturday, August 11, 2012 5 comments


British Steel said...

I really liked the first Rambo film, better than the three sequels. It was actually a book adapted to film, and was one of the few films of the time that dealt with veterans unable to fold back into civilian life. (btw Taxi Driver is another good film about a troubled veteran)

The original ending of the film, as in the book, was to have Colonel Trautman (aka Campbell from MSX Metal Gear 2) pull out a gun and pop Rambo right in the eyeball. But they wanted to make sequels. That is why these sequels seem to be so disconnected from the first film.

The fourth film was good, though. Not only did I like the ultra violent gun porn and the pissed off British loudmouth, I also liked the message it gave. It showed that there are some really, really fucking awful people out there who will hurt and kill you simply because you exist. Pacifism and submission will not save you, and rifles will protect you better than bibles.

The "get thicker skin" comment is right on. I hate how the environment is so "politically correct" and nobody's allowed to be offended these days unless you're a white male.

Damn, Kaiser, your mic issues made my ears bleed.

Retrokaiser said...

Hurracane winds will do that when you are in a trailer. I won't be on the show when we get winds that strong again.

Darth Tallis said...

Actually, the original ending where Rambo dies was shown to test audiences and it got negative feedback. That's why it was changed. In it, Rambo gives Trautman the gun, but Trautman is reluctant to pull the trigger. So Rambo takes matters into his own hands while Trautman's pulling the gun away.

British Steel said...

Ah yes, I see that now, Tallis. The synopsis I read in a forum was totally wrong. I looked for it myself and see that was way off.

DeathAdder83 said...

Hey Jerry, I really enjoyed having you and the Mondo Cool Gang back Live on the air last week!

I also think I have an idea on how to launch your Mondo Cool Empire well in to the next millennium, all you have to do is move down to Texas with Retro Kaiser, you just wear a sleeveless shirt and have Retro Kaiser wear a backwards baseball cap. Next lose any charisma either one of you ever had. Finally think up an amazing name for your show, something like The Video Game'll be a billionaire over night.

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