Tiger Claw Radio #106

Posted by Critical Failure On Sunday, August 19, 2012 1 comments

Another episode in the books. This time featuring the music of Flashbulb. Click in for maximum audios. Collect them all!

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Download Episode #106 here


Retrokaiser said...

I request the next "Name the Tune" should be a very well known one but slowed down to sound like serial killer stuff (much like the bit with the old TCTV credit theme) .

I also have a question: Do you have any films on an old movie format like VHS or Betaman that is not available on DVD?

I have an anime film called "The Cockpit" which is done by the guy who did Captain Harlock and as far as I know it is yet to be on DVD. Might be due to its contraversal WW2 subject of gloryfing Kamakazees or due to no one wanting to buy the license.

Have a safe one. - Kaiser

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