Tiger Claw Radio #104

Posted by Critical Failure On Thursday, August 9, 2012 4 comments

Sorry this episode took so long to get up. With the summer winding down I have had very little time to spare and when I do get spare time, I tend to spend it playing games rather than talking about them. However, even though this episode ended up being short, I thought it was a strong one. Enjoy!

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British Steel said...

Including your kid was a nice touch, whether you meant to or not. I have a 2-year old nephew who sounds kinda like that. He will address you directly and babble up a storm but you have no idea what he's saying. He will listen to you talk up a storm but he won't understand a word you're saying. He will then give a nod of agreement and say "OK."

I had no idea Steam had the really old games available. I can handle that. I have Vista on an old Dell laptop, it's just not equipped with graphics cards and only has 2 gigs of RAM. It's just that physical aspects of it are deteriorating: cooling fan, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Maybe if I tried TF2 on my DSL via WiFi, I can handle it. I have other friends trying to get me into Steam as well.

Darth Tallis said...

The future co-host of Tiger Claw Radio. Train him well. :D

Retrokaiser said...

Tiger Claw & Son AKA Shogan Podcaster

theGamingBeast said...

I really liked the bit with the Rouge score board of 20 years! That is really cool. I had a Nethack (Its on of the many Rougelikes out there) score board that was old but not even close to your guys stuff. Are there any memorable deathss you can remember?

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