Tiger Claw Radio #105

Posted by Critical Failure On Tuesday, August 14, 2012 1 comments

Quakecon, Global Offensive, and a big find at the used bookstore are this weeks topics of discussion on Tiger Claw Radio. Also, the mystery song is finally back. Episode links after the page break.


theGamingBeast said...

I love the Music of Diablo. Especialy the Town tune. Very atmospheric. Also I loved when the file corrupted and slowed down, fun times. I loved also the NPC's and how they just stood at the same place for the entire game. C&C is always a good recommendation. Delve Deeper is okay, its something for fans of dwarf fortress I guess. I loved Lucasasrts game. Sadly not all of the adventure games are available. Funny thing is I recommended Jerry the Predator VS Alien mod you were thinking about. Im still proud I managed to lure Jerry away from his consoles and get him to play a PC version of a game. Modding is a feature that PC gaming has over console gaming.

Sacred Gold is a great recommendation, so is X-com, Worms Reloaded and the others too. I might do a little Letsplay of Sacred Gold, well see.

Anyway great episode man, keep up the good work!

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