Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 86

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Monday, August 20, 2012 2 comments

Almost a perfect live show!  Download after the jump.

Beta Forum

Onlive in financial trouble, owned by new company now.  Services will continue uninterupted

Steam Big Picture mode

Game stop entering streaming game market

Hyrule Historia coming out in America release Jan. 29, 2013 and will cost $34.99 in North Americ

DOA5 goes above and beyond when creating tit physics.

Vita Firmware update coming

• Compatibility with PS1 games (It is still uncertain whether the PS1 archive games already out will be Vita compatible, or if Sony will be releasing a Vita specific lineup)

• Added use of button control for certain applications where previously only touch screen interface was allowed

• Speed control and repeat function for video

• Playlist compatibility with PlayStation 3 and iTunes playlists (Ver 10.6.3 or newer for iTunes)

• Increased cross-platform functionality with a "Cross Controller" feature to control specific PlayStation 3 software with the PS Vita through the Remote Play LiveArea

Metal Gear Rising Trailer.  Terrible voice acting.  Robot dog buddy?

Cartoon about dangerous psychocit mother

Sex doll reviewing 3DS

Neo Geo X
$200.  Handheld with built in games.  Has a console base looks like AES, has arcade stick controller, hdmi out and composite out.

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Balzak802 said...

Well it seems to be that time of the year again. When that summer sun comes down and what comes back up is a morning of an awkward first day of school again. It seems that I will not be able to make it to the live shows again similar to last year but don’t worry. I will still listen to the download version of the podcast and maybe even write in a couple times when I have something gaming related to ask the group.
Well I might as well ask a question to close this off. Have you guys ever had a summer game or games that any of you guys played that kept you busy over one whole summer? Sadly I was never able to beat Pok√©mon Soul Silver or even beat the rest of Mass Effect 2 over my break. Maybe I’ll try again during winter vacation or something.
Well, I guess that is it for me. Thanks for another fun summer of live shows Mondo Cool Gang.

DeathAdder83 said...

That sucks that Balzak "The Human Mondo Cool Wikipedia" is gone for yet another year. I vote that we all take a 5 second moment of silence in his honor.

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