Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 85

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Friday, August 17, 2012 1 comments

Another bumpy start to the live show but things eventually started to work out.  Also check out the beta forums and let me know what you think.  Download after the jump.

Solo Segment
I watched the Mars rover landing on my 360
Beta Forum
MGS4 Trophies

Group Segment
Silent Hill HD on 360 is buggy.  No 360 patch.  You can get some free shitty games.
Phantasy Star Online 2 no longer playable outside of Japan until domestic release
Name that price
Big pop fun

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Darth Tallis said...

Hey guys! Here's hoping you don't get ass raped by technology this weekend.

In regards to the time travel conundrum of not taking 3 dimensional spacial theory into consideration, it's worth remembering that a simple approach works best in story telling. If more emphasis were to be placed on the mechanics of time travel, it could potentially over complicate things and take away or even shadow the characters and story. Especially in movies where the run time is short and needs to concisely explain things without becoming tedious. A show like Doctor Who can go into more detail on such matters, but that's stretched over many years of episodes and in bits and pieces, which is why a movie version of Doctor Who would be hard to adapt without skimping on both technical details and personal details of the character of the Doctor. Part of the reason the Avengers was so successful was due to the fact that the main characters, their respective powers(whether it be mystical or technical), and back stories were built up over a span of six movies.

Anyway, onto Star Wars changes... There have been way too many to mention. A lot of them have been so innocuous, most people wouldn't even notice them without owning and comparing every version that has been on home video. Mostly to the older special effects and removal of matte boxes and matte lines around ships and objects. The ones most people are familiar with are still getting tinkered with.

The arrival to Mos Eisley and the Jabba sequence in Epsiode 4 has been changed twice. The second time with more up to date CG, replacing the 1997 special edition CG.

The scene with Han and Greedo has had three changes made since 1997. Each one has gradually shortened the length of time the shoot out takes and added a head jerk to Han. With the recent blu-ray version, you could cut out one second and it would restore Han shooting first.

You mentioned of Luke screaming in Empire as he falls down the Bespin pit. That was removed from subsequent DVD and Blu-ray releases. However, something equally bad was added to Jedi. In the scene where the Emperor is zapping Luke, Vader yells out "No" when he decides to drop his ass down the pitt. It's so out of place for the same reasons the Luke yell was.

There were also changes made to the prequels, but nothing I think most would really care about. Given this trend, I can't help but wonder what other changes are in store for future releases. I would love to see the originals in all their glory, though.

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