The Anime Room: Fooly Cooly Review

Posted by Shintai On Saturday, January 22, 2011 3 comments

This time in The Anime Room we tackle Fooly Cooly, one of the most insane and crazy anime ever made. Robots coming out of people's heads, guitars that can destroy giants.... yeah this show is nuts. Unfortunately you can't watch it on the Netflix Instant Stream, but Netflix does have the DVDs that you can rent.

My guest in this video is CrazyKenbei, check out his channel here:


JerryTerrifying said...

Can't wait to watch this review. This show's a bit out there haha and I want to see your take on it.

Vlad Whyte said...

Great anime! Enjoyed every second of it! Actually re-watched it recently! My favorite moment was the South Park reference! What about you :)

Shintai said...

@VK I really love that whole Lupin the 3rd intro, since it was just so awesome.

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