Pier Solar and the Great Architects

Posted by The Devil Burning On Tuesday, January 11, 2011 4 comments

Here we have my video documented experiences with Pier Solar thus far... Please stay tuned for additional gameplay footage as well as a Full review. :)
 if you want to buy the game click here

Here is a closer look at the insides of the Japanese Classic pack the day it arrived.
there was a slight interruption from a knock at the door sorry! Aside from the distraction I was completely impressed with the packaging and artwork.

This is a comparison video of the FM sound chip to the PCM enhanced audio cd
I've switched the enhanced music off and on at various parts of the game and find both forms quite charming and brilliantly composed.

A quick video to show the very basics of Menus Graphics, Animations and Battle System... 
there will more videos to come and one will showcase the battle system in more depth and will include a unique aspect of Pier Solar's Battle System that was not in this video.


Unknown said...

Mine has still not shown up so I dont want to watch these!!!

The Devil Burning said...

I assure you there are no spoilers but I guess you might want to wait to see what's inside the box for yourself and hear the music for yourself on your own system. Hope you get yours soon!

JerryTerrifying said...

Excellent dude! I'm hoping to get a copy of the second print run of this game. Seeing all these videos has me really hyped up.

Unknown said...

Hell, $45 US dollars is a steal for item like this. Some jerkoff on ebay has bid over $175 for a first printing of it as we speak.


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