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Posted by JerryTerrifying On Wednesday, January 5, 2011 4 comments

I've been planning this for a long time and have decided to act!  Swiftly even!  I've been hoarding original Xboxes and modifying them, upgrading their hard drives and installing tons of multi player games.  Why do you ask?  LAN Tournaments!  I'm going to rent out some space and set up some TVs and some Xboxes and hold Xbox Tournaments.

Yesterday I went over to my brothers house and set up a small impromptu LAN party for my nephews and niece.  Everything went pretty damn well.  Set up was a snap and everything worked right the first time.  The main TV in the basement was a 50 inch or so flat pannel HDTV.  We went ahead and used the 360 on that TV since it was all ready set up and I brought over a disc copy of the game I was using to test it out.  There was another TV already in the basement around the corner in my brothers office area where we set up one of my Xboxes.  We brought down one more TV from upstairs and set it up with another one of my modded Xboxes. 

I ran a 50 ft Ethernet cable from the Xbox in my brothers office area over to entertainment area of the basement and plugged it into my Ethernet Hub.    I used some 6 ft ethernet cables to hook up the 360 and other Xbox to the small network.  We fired them up and got everything going and set up some games.  I was filming it to discuss LAN parties in the next episode of MCTV and we proceeded to play some freakin Halo 2.  Man I got my ass kicked pretty hard by my oldest nephew.  The middle child and myself were on pretty even ground.  My niece shrieked a lot while losing every round but she's only 8 and probably doesn't play a lot of Halo like her brothers.

After the Lan Party Test run I asked my oldest nephew if he and his friends would be interested in participating in tournaments.  I explained that there'd be a small entry fee then half the money would be offered up as a cash prize for the winner.  He seemed pretty damn interested in the idea.  I also asked him to look around for some free TVs which he had tracked some down the very next day.  Those are damn good results which I take as interest in the project.  The day after he found one we went out and picked it up.  That's where I'm at now.  This weekend I'm definitely going to the Flea Market to see how much a booth costs and get the details.

Yes eventually I want to be running my own game store/tournament/multiplayer wonder land and I'll be detailing the adventure on the site, in the podcast and on MCTV.  Wish me luck fellas.


Shintai said...

I remember talking about this with you before. I think it's awesome that it's starting to take shape and I hope it evolves from here.

Balzak802 said...

Man, it must be fun playing with a LAN party with 16 different players in one room. JT, do you use XBConnect? Just asking since I am going to get my Xbox sometime this week and am asking everyone if they use it because I wanted to play some people online with an original Xbox. Also when is the next Mondo Cool Cast? The last one was last year.

JerryTerrifying said...

I will definitely look into Xbox connect. I tried getting it set up once but haven't worked out all the kinks. But now that I'm trying to be the LAN master I'm a lot more interested in it. I'd especially like to get in some Battlefront II time with ya if you ever get ahold of that game. I've been playing the shit out of it the past few months.

Balzak802 said...

That sounds fun. Hey, do you have Conker Live and Reloaded? Just wondering because that game along with Halo and Halo 2 are the only Live games that I have so far. As for Battlefront, I will get that also for the Xbox but do you have the first one since the Xbox version is probably dirt cheap now and that I want to enjoy the first one first before I play the second one.

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