DC Universe Online Review PS3 (Part 1)

Posted by classicl337 On Friday, January 14, 2011 3 comments


Vlad Whyte said...

Oh, another writer for the site? That's coolios, Scotty and Tonies are cool people, they get the official seal of the thumbs up sign of VK award!

The Devil Burning said...

I haven't watched this yet but I'm going to and I just want to say thanks. I was literally just thinking to myself 'fuck I wish someone would let me know if this game is any good' and low and behold... voila. I'm a hoarder and have the c.e. of it but refuse to open it unless it's a super good game... and even then I might just buy a standard edition to play the game. Anyhow thanks.

Anonymous said...

Did you know dcuo cash? These games are fun, and play with me together.
You will like.

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