Classic L337 - MindJack Review

Posted by classicl337 On Monday, January 24, 2011 3 comments

This is my review of MindJack.

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Shintai said...

Good review man, this looks like a pretty good game!

classicl337 said...

The game is decent. On our youtube comments section I gave it around a 7/10, but I think I'd move that to 6/10. The story has trailed off since I started, but I played co-op campaign with some really cool people and had a blast with them. It felt like "Us against them" to finish the game instead of to get the most kills (like CoD or Halo). I can understand why people gave it bad reviews because it can get repetitive, but it's a low budget title. Not worth $60, but probably a good $20 title in a month or so. Thanks for watching Shintai!

Vlad Whyte said...

I think I'll pick it up if I see a copy since most games don't get released over here.

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