Sega Toylet

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Thursday, January 13, 2011 3 comments

Sega, one of my all time favorite developers, is known for their unique and quirky games.  It's no surprise then that they're getting into the interactive urinal gaming market.  I've heard of these before on morning radio shows but the Sega Toylet is bamming it up a notch.

With a USB port so users can keep track of their score the interactive "Toylet" offers several games using your bodies waste fluids as a means of control.  Talk about innovative controller free input methods!  I imagine skilled users will show off with the hands-free mode!

In the game "Ihe North Wind and Her" players control the wind trying to blow up some young babes skirt.  Using the force of your urine stream to control the gusts of perverse wind.

"Milk from Nose" is a multiplayer game that thankfully doesn't have you compete with actual urinators in the next stall.  You pee as hard as you can which on translates to the onscreen milk nose spraying competition agains the previous urinal users score.  Whoever loses is overwhelmed by your strong spray and gets knocked back.

In the game "Graffiti Eraser" the player is tasked with cleaning graffiti off of walls using a hose. which I think will be the most immersive and realistic of the mini games.

In "Mannekin Pis" you measure the force of your pee.  Judging by this screen shot I wouldn't be surprised if it challenges you by controlling the force of the pee pee so that you can fill that bottle with pee.  For some reason.

Hopfully there's plenty of disinfectant on hand to keep that screen clean.  I can only imagine the nightmarish diseases brewing on that thing.  I do find myself extremely jealous of the Japanese "Toylets" of the future and I can't help but be a little teary eyed knowing that Sega is still doing amazing things with peoples bodily fluids.


Vlad Whyte said...

What has become of you SEGA!

Sideshow said...

I would actually look forward to taking a piss everytime if I one of these in my house.

m15granger said...

I've always wanted a urinal in my house... now I've upgraded my dream to a Toylet!!!

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