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I got my FM transmitter for my PSP. It's pretty cool! Very useful in my car. I'm way to cheap to upgrade my state of the art tape deck. I need new speakers too, ones blown out but I'm too cheap to fix that too. Maybe I will now that I've actually got a cheap source of jams. I'm about to order an 8gb memory stick. They're only $40 over on which is a pretty amazing price if you ask me. I guess I could wait a year and get 16gb for around the same price.

I also registered a Japanese PSN account. For some reason the Yakuza 3 demo wouldn't work. It would play a cutscene then go to a loading screen then freeze there forever. Pain in the ass. So I just deleted it. I played the Japanese demo for MGS4, the voices are cool. I've ordered a PSN card from when I get that in the mail I'm going to download MGS. Which is another reason I want the 8gb memory stick. As things are I don't have enough memory for my rockin tunes and games. So I can't wait to play MGS on my PSP and in a different language. Also being able to play MGS without using discs will be nice, I play through that game all the damn time so it'll save me SEVERAL seconds.

Then in a few more paychecks I'm going to get a ps2 flip top and a copy of swap magic from this Canadian website. That's another $40. The plan there is I'm going to order MGS2 and MGS3 from Japan. Then I'll work on collecting all the Japanese MGS games. Since I don't want to mod a ps1 to play imports I'll settle for the PSN version. Then I'll get all the PS2 MGS games. I'm not sure about MGS2. I don't know if I want to get both MGS2SOL and MGS2:S. MGS2:S has the English dub then your choice of English or Japanese subtitles. I should just get both to try and have the most complete collection possible hahaha. Then the PSP and PS3 MGS games have no region coding so no need to mod anything there.


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