Ebay raiding

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Wednesday, February 4, 2009 0 comments

Man seriously I don't know whats come over me. My ebay raid this week is out of control! Right now in the mail on it's way to me I have the following:

Two untested Sega CDs one with Model 2 genesis
Neogeo Pocket Color with two games
Turbografx 16 w/ arcade stick and two games
A Sega Master System game
A gaming related book

Also I'm still bidding on a few things. I'm the only bidder on a 3do whcih I also really want, I'm bidding on a Virtual boy which I'm sure I'll lose that auction and am kind of hoping too (I'll take it if I win it for $20 bucks) and a PSP game. Such a poor financial decision seeing as I'll be getting laid off in two weeks! OH NO. I have to buy a digital video camera for a top secret investment that I'm gambling on saving me! Its a plan so stupid it can't possibly fail, but you know, shit.

Also I just wanted to put this link somewhere I'll see it later so I don't forget about it. It's a great site with downloadable replacement cover art. I'm mainly interested in it for DVD covers for Metal Gear Solid since the original case crapped out on me. Also there's a few Sega Saturn covers in there worth looking at. http://www.thecoverproject.net


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