Sega CD woes

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Tuesday, February 10, 2009 0 comments

So I got my Sega CD in the mail, the one that came with a Genesis. As I thought the Genesis works great but the Sega CD won't power on. After some googling and youtubing I've discovered that the model two Sega CD has a common problem with one of the fuses.

So I hopped on youtube and typed in Sega CD repair and found just one video that luckily showed which fuse and how to replace it. There was also a conveniant link to a website the sells the correct fuses. There are two variations on where the fuse is located. One is easy to get to and the other requires you to take out the optic drive and circuit board and do a lot of work. Mine's the easy to replace one. Lucky.

I've never done any soldering before so I'm worried about that. I ordered the fuses just a few minutes ago so in the next few days I'm going to ask around and see if anyone I know has done any soldering before. I'm sure my Dad was a pro but he's blind now. Maybe my brother has the needed skills. I don't know. I'm also just thinking about buying a Soldering iron off ebay and doing the damn thing myself. I might be able to find a soldering iron in my garage but then I have to contend with my Dad. He'd need to know why I want to use it, if I've ever used one before and would be up my ass for a week with questions and insist on watching me do the repair work breathing down my neck and bugging the shit out of me making me 100 times more likely to screw up.


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