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I just finished Shenmue II. Man I'm pissed. This is chapters 2,3,4 of a 16 part story. Both the games end in huge cliffhangers. The end of Shenmue II introduces magic, not as much as I thought there would be based on crap I've seen on some message boards. The story is just getting started though so I wonder where it was supposed to go from here? I really liked Ren, one of few characters with a decent voice over, and would like to see more of him in some future Shenmue games. They need to remake parts one and two and get on with the series.

I mean I'm glad I've had the chance to experience a great game series, but now I'm one of the angry fans that needs closure! Damn it!

I think I'm going to finish up Metroid Prime next. I know, I keep saying it and keep not doing it hahaha but this time I'm serious.


Kazlab208 said...

Well, it seems that our wishes as angry fans got fulfilled almost two years ago with the announcement of Shenmue 3. E3 2017 is starting in a few days so I am hoping that Sega or Sony announces an HD Port of Shenmue 1 and 2 to the PS4 during the Sony part of the conference.

Shenmue 3 however got delayed to the Q2 of 2018 yesterday as I am writing this with an annoucment from Yu Suzuki. I was expecting this to happen so hopefully that date will stick. I am also expecting at the latest January 2019 to be when Shenmue 3 will be released as well. I just want the game to be good so I'll wait as long as it takes. Just hope I don't have to wait till 2020. 

It seems we both finished Shenmue 2 in the same year from what I see on the date you wrote this blog post. I started the first Shenmue close to when you wrote this post which was back in either really late Feburary or March of 2009 when I was fifteen years old. I ended up beating Shenmue 2 on my Dreamcast with the PAL version that summer in 2009 when I was on summer vacation. Those sure were some good times. When I didn't have a care in the world besides playing video games.

JerryTerrifying said...

Oh man the struggle for video game time gets harder and harder brother. But I will definitely make time for Shenmue.

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