Sega CD Success!

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Tuesday, February 10, 2009 0 comments

Second Sega Cd arrived in the mail today. Great success! It worked great. Not bad for a $10 investment. So I tested out the game I burned for it, another great success! So after I was done rejoicing I decided to open up the dead Sega CD.

I had come across someone saying they just used some wire to bypass the fuse, so I gave that a shot to see if it would power on. It worked. I didn't try to play a game I just wanted to see if it would power on and it did. So I've got the fuses coming to me and some time this week, probably Friday I'll head over to radio shack to get a soldering iron. Actually I might still ask around first and see if I can find anyone that's soldered small electronics before.

Snatcher is a fantastic game by the way. It's the first time I've ever tried to play a point and click adventure game but it's drawing me in pretty well. The voice acting is also spectacular. I've been turned off by a lot of PSX era games due to horrible voice acting, specifically Silent Hill, so I'm surprised to hear the quality of the voice acting in this game.

I'll probably head to the used game store Friday to pick up some Sega CD games. I saw Wing Commander there and as I loved Wing Commander 3 for the psx I'm curious to try out this game out.


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