I need a storage solution for my games and my consoles. Especially if I win some of the shit I'm bidding on on ebay. I've all ready ran out of room. I've got like 5-10 games with no where to go and my Atari 7800 is kind of on the floor and the intellivision is over in the corner under some junk! I'm going to have to move my Dreamcasr when my Sega Cd gets here. I've got too much shit. I need two houses to store my game collection. At least I'e got all my systems hooked up to my TV at once.

I really want the 3DO and Neogeo Pocket and also bid on a Virtual Boy but I'm kind of hoping I don't win that. I'm sure I won't win any of them but I really want the 3DO. I don't know why really.


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