Still working on Shenmue II. I want to finish it up. It seems to be holding my attention more than any other game I have. My hot babe girlfriend bought me Little Big Planet for my birthday because she's awesome and totally loves me and shit. Can't go wrong with that. I also bought Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic for my good ole Xbox.

Last week I spent my found $10 dollars at the used game store. I found Shinobi for Sega Master System, Rocket Knight Adventures for Sega Genesis and got Asteroids for Atari 2600. Spent $15 total. Not too bad I guess. Shinobi is definitely one of the Master Systems must own games so I couldn't pass it up. also seeing the Happy Video Game Nerds video for Rocket Knight I just had to pick that up. Both very awesome Sega games.

I won two, untested mind you, Sega Cd's on ebay. One of them comes with a Model 2 Genesis which I'm sure will work no problem as most Cart based systems are indestructable under normal conditions. I'm also bidding on two virtual boys, which I was just outbid while writing this blog past, and a 3DO. The biggest factor behind my desire for a Sega CD is there's no copy protection so burning games is a sinch! Same goes for the 3do. Good times ahead I predict. I really would love to play Snatchers for Sega CD as it's the only American release of the game and knowing I can just burn it makes it a lot more appealing. The game goes for like $100 plus on Amazon without the case even. Silly Kojima fans!

I'm thinking about making a retro gaming podcast. I'd like to have a co-host for that project but none of my friends play games! My work friends all play games although one of them's a lot younger than I am and doesn't really know shit about anything before the n64, playstation and Saturn days. Plus they all live far as fuck away and none of them have as many systems as I do, but then again who does?

I really shouldn't be buying all this ebay shit but I have an addiction. I'm so geeked about games all of a sudden and I don't know why. Maybe it's just because I missed out on all of this greatness when I was growing up. but in like two weeks I'm getting laid off. I'm getting a huge check out of it but you know won't have any steady income. Oh well. Live every day like it's your last...which I interperate to mean make poor financial decisions as the economy tanks. At least I'm having fun wile I've still got the electricity turned on. Right? .......RIGHT?!


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