Mungo in Japan!

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Thursday, February 26, 2009 1 comments

I just registered a Japanese PSN account to download some demos, as well as Ad Hoc party. My main reason for creating the account though is to download Metal Gear Solid. I was thinking my MGS collection is pretty decent. Having all the American release Metal Gear games, but what could make it better? I know having all the Japanese MGS games! So instead of modding a ps1 and buying the discs for MGS I decided I'd cop out and just get the PSN version, with the benefit of being able to play it on my PSP. Which is totally bad ass! Then I will however mod my Slim PS2 to play Japanese games and buy MGS2 Sons of Liberty or Substance (Substance has the English dub so that's conveniant, but if I'm going for the Japanese-ness of it I just might get Sons of Liberty) and MGS3. Then importing MGS4 is easy because there's no region code on the PS3. About damn time game companies wisened up.


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